Evaluation of industrial and municipal sewage treatment:

  • Evaluation of polymer-demand for mechanical dewatering and thickening
  • Performance evaluation of mechanical sludge dewatering
  • Support for tenders of mechanical sludge dewatering and conditioning
  • Monitoring for tenders of polymer products and flocculation agents
  • Control of waste water and sludge treatment processes
  • Control and optimization of anaerobic sludge digestion
  • Evaluation of polymer preparation
  • Consulting for problems with filamentous bacteria or scum 
  • Scientific support in research projects and new operating variants
  • Evaluation of thermal hydrolysis processes and struvite precipitation
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas by vacuum degassing can be used to precipitate struvite. Investigations of this new process can be carried out by KBKopp
  • Reduction of colloids in effluent of secondary clarifier
  • Support of process problems in waste water and sludge treatment