Water Distribution: 

In a sludge suspension four water types can be distinguished on their physical binding to the solids:

  • free water is not bound to the particles and can be separated in a mechanical dewatering process
  • interstitial water is bound by capillary forces in sludge flocs 
  • surface water is bound adhesive
  • intracellular water

By calibrated thermogravimetric measurements free water can be quantified accurately.

  • The determination of DS(A)KBKopp an accurate prediction of achievable solids content in sludge cake.
  • DS(A)KBKopp is excellent for guarantee values and as a reference value to optimize sludge dewatering processes.
  • Accuracy of the thermogravimetric measurement DS(A)KBKopp lies at ± 1.5 % DS.
  • Parameter DS(A)KBKopp is accepted by DWA Technical Guide M-383 "Kennwerte der Klärschlammentwässerung".
  • Measurement of more than 1000 sludge samples for national and international expertises since 2000.