Following sludge analysis can be performed by KBKopp:

  • Determination of dewaterabilty of sludge samples by thermogravimetric measurements DS(A)KBKopp
  • Determination of polymer-demand and flock shear stability using streaming current detectors and drip-off tests
  • Control of maturing time and maximum usability of polymer solutions
  • Comparison of different conditioning agents for thickening and dewatering 
  • Determination of the active substance content of polymer flocculant
  • Assessment of particulate sludge properties with microscopic examinations
  • Determination of filamentous bacteria (staining: Gram, Neisser, ruthenium Red-EPS) 
  • Measurement of dynamic viscosity
  • Performing filtration and centrifugation tests 
  • Standard analytics (DS, VSS, filterable solids, NH4-N, COD, PO4-P, pH, el. conductivity, Redox, SVI)
  • Determination of sand content in dry solids
  • Zahn-Wellenstest: Determination of non-biodrgradable COD in sludge water 
  • Determination of nitrication bacteria content in activated sludge 
  • Specific density determination of sludges
  • Implementation of anaerobic digestion batch tests 
  • Estimation of foaming behavior
  • Test for thermal hydrolysis and struvite precipitation
  • Control of carbonate balance
lab-scale digestion batch test streaming current detector
chamber filter press dripping test unit