Training & Workshops

"Process of sludge treatment and dewatering": 

  • Target group: engineers in consulting, planning, sales and plant operators
  • Workshop is designed for group up to 15 participants, so there is enough time for questions and discussions.
  • The training can take place for one day or two days. The one-day course consists of five teaching units, the two-day consists of seven units.
  • Training materials are provided for patricipants.
  • An adaptation of the curriculum to your priorities is possible.

Training program:          

  • Fundamentals of biological wastewater treatment (C/N/P-Elimination)
  • Influence of lime/carbonic acid balance on floc structure of sewage sludge
  • Fundamentals of sewage sludge treatment processes
  • Aerobic and anaerobic sudge digestion
  • Evaluation of precipitation and flocculation
  • Sludge thickening and mechanical sludge dewatering processes
  • Dewatering parameters and documentation
  • Sludge conditioning and polymer preparation
  • Use of vacuum degassing to reduce greenhouse gas and improve dewaterability
  • Performance optimisation for mechanical sludge dewatering processes
  • Strategies by scum and bulking sludge
  • Procedure of sludge disintegration and thermal hydrolysis
  • Influence of enhanced biological P-elimination on sludge dewatering


       Training programs with specific contents after consultation are possible!